Next Generation Enterprise
BPR Sverdlovsky LLC is a new generation enterprise established in accordance with the international biosafety standards. The poultry stock is located at three production sites at a distance of 7-8 km separated by a forest area:
  • Fadyushina – GP flock;
  • Barannikova – rearing flocks of the parent stock;
  • Zarechnaya – a parent mature stock site.

million eggs
per year
laying hens
Supply chart

At present, the pedigree products from BBR Sverdlovsky account for more than 65% off the Russian market and market of the CIS countries.

The finished products are delivered to the regions of Russia and neighboring countries including (Belarus, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine and Mongolia).

Delivery to the customers is performed by the specialized chicken trucks and air transported to distant regions.